Protecting Your Children from Active Shooters & Mass Shootings

We live in a different world; the world we grew up in is not the same world our kids are now facing, and the troubles we encountered in our youth pale in comparison to what kids have to endure today.

Today, kids face an epidemic level of violence; violence that has made it directly into the public school systems, making them one of the most likely places your child will encounter some type of danger on a daily basis. In my opinion, the public school systems have become so dangerous that I think parents should seriously consider homeschooling their children if at all possible.

If you do have a child in the school system, they need to be ready to respond to the very real dangers they face, and they need to know how to react to each possible threat situation. One of the scariest threats they now face is the active shooter phenomenon. The threat has become such a problem, that we now have companies selling bulletproof backpacks in hopes of protecting children from these deranged shooters.

The recent rash of school shootings and mass shootings has raised this threat to a level that you cannot afford to ignore.

I’ve covered what you should do to protect yourself during a mass shooting in the past – please read that article, as many of the tips in that post will be helpful during a school shooting as well – but in this article, I want to share some very specific tips and ideas that your child can use to stay safe during these mass shooting events.

Teaching your child to respond to School Shootings

Teach your children to stay alert: One of the best things you can do to ensure your child’s safety is to let them know that these threats exist, and then teach them what to look out for. Hiding the truth does nothing to prepare them for the realities of today’s world.

While I would caution you against going overboard in the fear department, today’s sick world highlights the very real need to inform your children of the dangers that they will face in life.

  • Make sure your child isn’t another one of the mindless drones who walk down the streets, head stuck inside a smartphone screen, oblivious to the world around them. Teach them to stay alert while out in public, and to put the technology down until they’re at home.
  • Teach them about situational awareness, and take the time to show them examples of what they should be looking for while out in public. The next time you go to the store, make a game out of it. See who can find the most exits, and who can spot the quickest way to those exit points from various spots in the store. These are the kinds of things that will prepare them to face threats and disasters.
  • Teach them to be aware of their surroundings, and to start developing mental maps of places they visit. This will not only help them in extreme events like a school shooting, but will also give them a leg up during natural disasters, fires, or any other situation where they might have to make a quick exit.

Teach your kids to run: I have a huge problem with how public schools treat active shooter situations; in large part, most public schools have a policy known as “sheltering in place.” In my opinion, this is probably one of the worst things you can do during a mass shooting situation.

  • Teach your kids to look for their school’s exits, doors, windows, and anywhere they can take cover on their way to making an escape.
  • Teach them to head for an exit the moment they hear gun shots, or see signs that a shooting is about to take place.
  • If your child’s school has a lockdown policy, where they lock children inside the school and tell them to hide, you need to seriously rethink your child’s safety at that school. In my opinion, these lockdown policies make them sitting ducks.

Teach them to fight back: In the past, many experts suggested complete compliance with the shooter. But when you look at the reality of the situation, in most cases these school shooters often kill anyone who is in their line of fire. Compliance is almost never a valid response.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what most schools teach the children to do. If I was the one designing these school policies, I would teach everyone in the classroom to immediately start throwing anything they can at the attacker, while at the same time having the entire class rush the shooter. Even an extremely well-trained shooter would have a hard time reacting to 20 -30 people rushing them, while also being pelted with cell phones, books, and chairs.

These shooters are looking for easy targets, and they are not prepared to deal with any kind of resistance. In fact, because most of these shooters are not well-trained marksman, the chances of them getting off any kind of shot while being rushed by a large group is not very good. The reward far outweighs the risk.

You must remember that these people are looking to kill as many people as possible, and anyone who looks like an easy target will in all likelihood be taken out. If your child has no way to escape, then their best option is to fight back.

  • Teach them to stay calm, and look for an opportunity to overwhelm the attacker. Their best chance is when the shooter is focused on someone else, is in the middle of reloading their weapon, or is distracted in any way.
  • If you own a firearm, it might be a good idea to take them to the range and at the very least help them become familiar with firearm safety and the sound of gunshots. Hearing gunshots inside of a school can make a kid freeze; if they’re accustom to the sound of gunfire and familiar with firearms, this can help them react quicker once they hear the shots ring out.
  • Once the gunman enters the room, and there’s no way to escape, your child should grab whatever is around that can be used as a weapon or something that can be used as a means to distract the shooter while they can make their way to safety. Keys, books, desks, and chairs can all be used to throw at the attacker, which will temporally distract them long enough for your child to make his next move. If at all possible, your child should be yelling “get him” which will hopefully rally others to the cause, or at the very least cause the shooter a moment of panic that can give your child the upper hand.

Safety Products & Preparedness Advice for Kids at School

School Backpacks

  • How to Make sure your kids are ready to face Disasters: When planning for emergencies, it’s extremely important to involve your children in the planning process and talk to them about emergency preparedness. These tips can help better prepare them for real-life emergencies and disasters.
  • Preparing your Child for School Disasters & Emergencies: Preparing your child for disasters and threats means preparing them to face them without you, this is especially true if your child attends public school.
  • The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World: When I wrote the book, I intended on including this school shooting article in the crime section; unfortunately, I guess my publisher thought it was a little too political in nature so they pulled it before it went to press. That being said, the book is filled with advice for surviving these types of threats and goes a long way into understanding the criminal mindset and how to protect yourself from these sick people.
  • SHIELD PACK Bulletproof school backpacks: These backpacks look like everyday packs, but feature a NIJ IIIA rated ARAMID Kevlar pad sewn into the back panel for maximum protection from active shooters. They are comfortable and lightweight and are good for older children.
  • Turn your Kids Backpack into a Bulletproof Pack: These NIJ IIIA rated ARAMID Kevlar insert pads can turn their existing backpack into a bulletproof pack.

You need to take the Threat Seriously, because the Public School Systems Don’t.

Brainwashed kids in the Public School System

We live in a world filled with politically correct morons who are going to get kids killed because of their idiotic policies and ideology.

When researching what technologies were out there that could help protect a child from these shooters, I came across something NBC’s Today Show ran about protecting kids from school shootings. Their top advice: Teach kindness and tolerance, and teach kids to talk about their feelings.

What in the hell are these idiots talking about? Teach kindness and tolerance? How are any of those things going to protect your child from a shooter? These people are so warped, and so blinded by their ideology, that they can’t see that they are part of the problem. It’s this overly P.C. feelings and diversity garbage that breeds these psychopaths.

The Tolerance that is being taught in our school systems has nothing to do with accepting other races or cultures – something that I would be all for if that what the actual goal of these tolerance programs – they are teaching our kids to tolerate immoral behavior, debauchery, and that their feelings are more important than reality.

But the worse part of these tolerance programs is they are making people into victims and demonizing anyone who has a sense of morality. This is a dangerous thing because it is actually the complete opposite of tolerance. These people actually HATE tolerance when it comes to accepting morality, and in doing so they are painting targets on the backs of anyone who lives life with a moral compass.

We need to start preparing our kids for the real dangers that are out there and stop it with all of this tolerance crap. I’m all for being kind to people, and loving our neighbors, but I’m sick of tolerance being used as a way to blind people from what’s really happening out there.

There are some things in life that we should not tolerate, and one of those things is the sick immoral culture that leads directly to these shootings. It’s the victimization culture that leads these people to commit these horrific acts of violence because they have been taught that their actions have no consequences and everything should be accepted in the name of tolerance.